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About Soil Sciences

About The Department

The department currently has eleven academic staff and three technical staff members charged with the responsibility of providing guidance and support to the students during their lectures and practical sessions.  The department recognizes its role in research and continuing professional development in various fields of crop and soil sciences and shall strive to improve research capability and establish collaboration with other relevant Institutions and Universities both locally and internationally.
Aspire to be a learner focused department and a leader in undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, consultancies and community outreach.

Commitment to excellence through the delivery of outstanding undergraduate, graduate, research, consultancy and outreach services that remains current and responsive to the diverse needs of those it serves in a dynamic environment.

Core Values
•    Promote intellectual, professional, social and personal development of its students through innovative learning.
•    Students, faculty and staff partner to create strong engagement with local, national and international communities.
•    Dedicate itself to academic vitality, integrity and diversity.

Quality Objectives
Student Academic Achievement
1.    Knowledge: ensure students attend and receive through knowledge based lectures and materials covering eight (8) academic units per semester.
2.    Skills: organize and manage  practical lessons, 1 field trip, 1 student project and industrial attachment per academic year
3.    Graduate at least 20 undergraduate students in each programme (agronomy & horticulture with  it)
4.    Graduate at least 2 MSc, 1 PhD each year

Staff Achievement
1.    Ensure that each academic staff publishes at least one article in peer reviewed journal per two years.
2.    Attend at least 1 conference/workshop/seminar per three years
3.    Each staff shall administer at least two course units per semester
4.    Ensure that the department staff attain at least 1 research collaboration, 1 farmer extension training
5.    Attract at least 2 MSc  and 1 PhD student every academic year