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Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science, with IT) & Bachelor of Science (Climate Change and Development, with IT)

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with IT programme intends to produce a graduate who is:

  • Well-grounded in the fundamentals of environmental science, able to use the acquired knowledge to contribute to management of environment for sustainable development.
  • Creative and innovative with the power of imagination for work in research, industry, academia qualifying them to be strong policy practitioners.
  • Possess necessary skills for team work in an industrial and scientific research environment.
  • Competent to undertake postgraduate work in environmental science and its related fields.


Programme Courses


Year 1 Semester 1

NES  101

Introduction to Environmental Studies

NES  102

Environment and Development

AEC  101

Introduction to Micro-Economics

SCH  101

Basic Physical Chemistry I

MMA 106

Mathematics I

NGA  101

Introduction to Earth Systems Science

UCI   101

Foundations of Information Technology

UCI   103

Word Processing and Design of Presentations

Year 1 Semester 2

NES 103

Environmental Pollution

NES 104

Renewable and non-renewable Energy resources

NGA 105

Atmospheric Science

SBT 102

Survey of Plant Kingdom

SCH 104

Basic Analytical Chemistry I

SZL  102

Vertebrate Zoology

PHT 112

HIV and AIDS Determinants, Prevention and Management

UCI  102

Computer Communication Systems

UCI  104

Data Manipulation and Analysis using Spreadsheets

Year 2 Semester1

NES 201

Social Dimensions of Development

NES 202

Elements of Ecology

NES 203

Properties and Ecology of soils

NES 204

Environmental Ethics

NGA 205

Remote Sensing

UCI  201

The Internet and World Wide Web                             

UCI  203

Desktop Publishing Techniques

NES 205

Fresh Water Ecology

NES 206

Pollution Chemistry

Year 2 Semester 2

NES 207

Forestry and Forest management

NES 208

Rangeland Ecology and Management

NES 209

Sustainable Development and Climate Change

NES 210

Economics of Natural Resources Management

NGA 208

G I S and Modeling

UCI  202

Computer Based Information Systems                

UCI  204

Relational Database Management Systems

NES 211

Agroforestry Systems

NES 212

Fisheries Biology

Year 3 Semester 1

NES 301

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Environment

NES 302

Biodiversity and Conservation

NES 303

Environmental Statistics I

NES 304

Water Supply and Sanitation

NES 305

Management of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

UCI  301

Management of Information Technology Projects                      

UCI  303

Multimedia and Graphics Systems and Applications

NES 306

Economics of Pollution Control

NES 307

Wildlife Behavioral Ecology

Year3 Semester 2

NES 308

Participatory Rural Appraisal

NES 309

Hydrology and Water Resources Management

NES 310

Water Quality Assessments and Monitoring

NES 311

Research Methods in Environmental Studies

NES 312

Environmental Statistics II

UCI 302

Electronic Commerce

UCI 304

Statistical Data Analysis

NES 313

Solid Waste Management

NES 314

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Natural Resources Management

NES 315

Wetland Ecology and Management

NES 316

Environmental Health

Year 4 Semester 2

NES 401

Economic Valuation for Environmental Protection

NES 402

Environmental Policy

NES 403

Disaster Management

NES 404

Environmental Planning and Management

NES 405

EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment

NES 411

Independent Research Project I

UCI  401

Social and Professional Issues in IT

UCI  403

Information assurance and Security

NES 406

Environmental Accounting

NES 407

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Year 4 Semester 2

NES 408

Environmental Law

NES 409

Gender, Development and the Environment

NES 410

Environmental Auditing

NES 411

Independent Research Project II

NES 412

Cleaner Production Technologies

UCI 402

Human Computer Interaction

UCI 404

Special Topics in Contemporary ICTs

NES 413

Occupational Health and Safety

NES 414

Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

NES 415

Environmental Modeling           

NES 416

Environmental Biotechnology

NES 417

Geoinformatics applied to Environmental Management

 Year 4 Semester 3

NES 418

Industrial Attachment