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About Us

About the Department

As the human population grows, the impacts of human activities on the environment intensify. There is need for rational management of the environment for sustainable development. In the ever-changing world of government regulations and environmental issues, there is an increasing need for professionals with an interdisciplinary education in environmental sciences. Solving the world's environmental problems will require professionals who are trained in the sciences underlying these issues and who understand the wider human contexts of the challenges faced.

The department of Environmental Science offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The programmes are designed to produce graduates who are exposed to practical, theoretical, global environmental issues, human modern aspects of the discipline. The programmes aim at creating human power able to meaningfully assess environmental resources including their nature of occurrence, extent and quality.


Our vision: To be a centre of excellence in the teaching, outreach and research in planning of environment and earth systems.

Our mission: To offer professional, practical and solution oriented training on environmental sciences with a focus on sustainable natural resources exploitation, conservation and management.

Core Values:

Relevance: The Department is committed to ensuring relevance in its programs and activities.

Excellence: Excellence shall be targeted in outputs of the Department. 

Equity: The Department shall ensure that there is equity in all the opportunities within its jurisdiction.

Quality: All outputs and processes of the Department shall ensure that quality is maintained.

Integrity: The Department shall ensure integrity in all their undertaking.

Service Charter: The department of Environmental Science is designed to provide efficient and effective service. The student is the focal point of all the major activities of the Department. We provide the following services:

  1. Training students for various degrees
  2. We undertake collaborative research
  3. We provide a respository for knowledge
  4. We provide a courteous, friendly and informative service within the Department and in all dealings with all customers.


Quality Objectives

  1. To ensure that students get practical oriented training by organizing at least 5 practicals or one field trip for each course offered every semester.
  2. To organize and manage industrial attachment for at least 50 fourth year students in relevant institutions every year.
  3. To graduate at least 45 under graduate students and at least 5 postgraduate students each year who can integrate theory and practice to enhance environmental quality by providing solutions to environmental problems.
  4. To ensure that each academic member of staff publishes at least one article in peer reviewed journal and attends at least one conference/ workshop in relevant teaching area per year so as to strengthen research and innovation.
  5. To attract at least undergraduate 40 students and at least 10 postgraduate students each year.