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Chair of Department
Dr. Erick O. Ogello
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The Department of Fisheries and Natural Resources (FNR) is the youngest department in Maseno University, having started in 2014. In line with the Kenyan Government’s food security agenda towards attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Kenya’s Vision for Industrialization by 2030, the Department of FNR is conscious of the potential of fisheries and aquatic resources as one of the significant means towards achieving sustainable food and nutrition sufficiency, and national economic progress. The process of achieving this objective must be anchored on sound teaching, capacity building initiatives and technology transfer to the young adults through education and training. Through quality teaching that incorporates lectures, tutorial sessions, coaching, mentorship, field work and practical laboratory sessions, the department offers reputable teaching programs designed to develop human capacity with relevant knowledge, skills and innovative technologies applicable to sustainable management, conservation and development of fisheries, aquaculture and natural aquatic resources to generate graduates with mindset of being change agents and industry leaders.

In addition to sound teaching, the Department of FNR is committed to the conducting demand driven and innovative basic and applied research in aquatic ecosystems with an aim of generating and disseminating scientific information for sustainable utilization, conservation and restoration of the aquatic environment. With adequate supervision, our undergraduate and postgraduate students conduct research on various disciplines within the context of fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic sciences and socio-economics. Outputs of these research studies are published in peer reviewed scientific journals of high repute and, as conference proceedings. The department has strong undergraduate and postgraduate research programs which enable students to conduct interdisciplinary research activities that are sensitive to real life situations facing the fisheries and aquaculture sector.