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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension (with IT)

About the Programme 

  • The BSc AGED (with IT) programme will incorporate adequate courses in agricultural extension, agronomy, soil science, animal science, and agricultural economics; while at the same time covering necessary courses required for a teacher of biology and agriculture. 
  • This is intended to produce graduates who can serve either in the education sector or in the agricultural extension sector. 
  • Such multi-faceted programmes seem relevant in underdeveloped countries, Kenya included, which still struggle with high rates of unemployed graduates. 
  • Furthermore, the programme will provide opportunities for students to gather experience in practical rural agricultural work. They will be exposed to the actual farming environment to strengthen practical agricultural training.  


Programme Courses

Course Units Titles

Year 1: Semester 1

Fundamentals of Agricultural Education and Extension 

Introduction to agriculture in Kenya

Anatomy of Farm Animals

Introduction to Soil Science

Plant Structure and Functions

Invertebrates Zoology

Basic Inorganic Chemistry

Introduction to microeconomics

Introduction to Educational Psychology

Introduction to Special Needs Education

Mathematics I

Foundation of Information Technology 

Word Processing and Design of Presentations


Year 1: Semester 2

Agricultural Education Communication Skills

Extension and Information System

Principles of food security 

Introduction to Microbiology

Basic Entomology

Basic Animal Physiology

Survey of Plant Kingdom

Vertebrate zoology

Basic Organic Chemistry

Environmental Education

Introduction to Macroeconomics

HIV and AIDS; Determinants, Prevention and Management

Data Manipulation and Analysis Using Spreadsheets


Year 2: Semester 1

Farm Accounting and Management

Principles of Entrepreneurship

Introduction to statistics

Basic Genetics

Plant Biochemistry

Cell Biology

History of Education

General Methods of Teaching

The Internet and WWW

Desktop Publishing Techniques


Year 2: Semester 2

General Plant Physiology

Principles of Crop Production

Principles of Plant Pathology

Plant breeding

Animal Nutrition

Population and Quantitative Genetics

Educational Media and Resources

Philosophy of Education

Curriculum Development

Computer Based Information Systems

Relational Database Management Systems


Year 3: Semester 1 

Crop Ecology and Agro-meteorology  

Rural Sociology and Development

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Soil and Water Engineering

Farm Power and Machinery

Human Growth and Development

Special Methods of Teaching Biology

Special Methods of Teaching Agriculture

Fundamentals of Research

Management of Information Technology Projects

Geographical Information System


Year 3: Semester 2

Applied Agricultural Marketing

Development of Research and Extension in Kenya

Farm Materials and Structures

Introduction to Research in Education

Veterinary Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases

Animal Breeding

Human Behaviour, Learning, Guidance and Counseling

Educational Technology

Field/ industrial Attachment

Electronic Commerce

Experimental Design and Data Analysis


Year 4: Semester 1

Cereals and Legumes  

Horticultural Crops

Agricultural Extension

Pastures and Fodder crops

Industrial Crops

Production Technologies of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants/Crops

Microbial Diseases

Sociology of Education and Comparative Education 

Educational Administration and Management

Information Insurance and Security

Crop Growth Modelling


Year 4: Semester 2

Agricultural Policy and law

Ruminant production

Non ruminant production

Agricultural Education Project and Seminar

Agroforestry and Land Use 

Educational Test and Measurement

Planning and Economics of Education

Teaching Practice

Human-Computer Interaction

Special Topics in Contemporary ICTs

Programme Requirement

Admission Requirements

1. Applicants for admission into the degree programme should meet the minimum general admission requirement of either a mean grade of C+ and above in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination, or 2 Principal passes and 1 Subsidiary in East African Advanced Certificate Examination/ Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (EACE/ KACE), and other equivalents. Those with grade C plain must have a Diploma in a relevant field.

2. In addition, the candidate must have at least C+ in Biology/Biological Sciences and C+ in Agriculture in KCSE examinations.

3. A holder of a diploma with credit or above in Agricultural Education or related field from a college or university recognized by Maseno University.

Duration of the Programme

The duration of the program shall normally be four (4) academic years.

Teaching methods in all units shall include lectures, field trips, seminars, tutorials, discussions, and practicals including field and teaching practice.


Degree Structure

The program offers courses core/ required courses in education, crop production, livestock husbandry, business entrepreneurship, rural development, and agricultural extension plus common IT courses comprising one-third of the degree subjects are required by the Commission for University Education and Maseno University Senate.